Do Moss Walls Attract Dust?

Moss walls have the stunning ability to make any wall or interior extremely beautiful. Their ability to be installed on any surface, in any area, even dark enclosed spaces and the visuals are way too good. The combination of nature and interior design is incredible and has numerous scientific benefits.  That’s why more and more architects and designers are implementing the concept of biophilic design.  

The urge to bring natural elements indoors is nothing new. But in recent years, demand for indoor vertical gardens and moss walls has skyrocketed as the wellness industry boomed and now accounts for over 5% of global economic output.  But the trend towards lush greenery is not only in the wellness area. More and more businesses started to understand the need for natural, non-toxic and traditional therapies. And the most cost-efficient, natural solution to indoor nature is moss walls.

Unlike artificial plants, moss walls do not attract dust. Moss walls not only require no maintenance, but they do not have static electricity, so dust particles hardly cling to the moss.     

The moss keeps the environment fresh and these anti-static moss walls can create a beautiful environment in any home, office, hotel, restaurant or hospitals.

Moreover, the natural mechanism of the moss brings numerous other benefits. In the end, moss walls are natural plants. Having indoor preserved moss walls in the workspace or at home has extremely beneficial effects. Studies have shown that having plants in office environments has an influence on decreasing fatigue, colds, flu symptoms, and even headaches as sickness rates fell by more than 60% in offices with plans.

Offices with plants and moss walls have proven rates of reduced absenteeism, increased workers’ efficiency, productivity and mood. In hospitals, preserved plants’ presence have shown speedy recoveries. Patients have lower heart rates and blood pressure and require less pain medication. Moss walls also increase mood and help with anxiety and stress. 

Do moss walls attract bugs and insects?

No. Moss walls do not attract bugs. Insects are attracted to the moisture and soil in plants. Preserved moss walls do not have any kind of soil and they don’t need any water.

Are moss walls non-allergenic?

Yes. Preserved moss walls are made of real moss that has been treated with a 100% natural solution made mainly of glycerin and food coloring. The moss is glued on panels with non-toxic glue that has no smell.