Do Moss Walls Smell?

As urbanites are getting more and more isolated from the natural world, their desire to keep some sort of connection with nature has motivated them to invest in natural moss wall designs for their indoors and outdoors locations like homes, offices, etc. This way their home or workplace looks artistic and brings some natural elements into their home. As recognized by designers and architects around the world, moss walls are low to zero maintenance and less expensive than living wall systems that use water.

Apart from the array of benefits, clients are curious if all those perks come with disadvantages as well? One common question is ‘Do moss walls smell?’

In this article, we’ll go over whether these walls smell or not!!

What does moss smell like?

Have you been recently in a forest? Recharge, relax and rejuvenate! The air in the forest smells good and appeals to a great connection with nature.

Real preserved moss walls have a woody-earthy scent. Fresh, out of the box moss walls can release a scent of nature for the first 1-2 weeks after installation. After this period the smell will fade. That is because although preserved, moss walls are natural plants not artificial. The non-toxic preservation process that we use allows the moss to keep its natural scent, freshness and appearance without the need of water, soil or fertilizers.

Given that moss walls are used for interior design, coming into a room that has recently installed moss walls can smell different. Therefore, the smell may seem “unnatural”. But as mentioned, it is only a matter of 1-2 weeks after a fresh installation.

For most people actually, the smell will not bother much.  If you particularly have a sensitive nose, we recommend you use natural odor neutralizers in the room where the moss wall was installed like ‘’Zero Odor’. It can be bought from Amazon and helps nullify any odor without harming the plants. [Note though that you should not use it to spray the moss walls directly as any liquid can damage the preservation].

Bottom Liners

Choosing a moss wall remains one of the best options to décor your indoor or indoors. The natural earthy odor you endure for the first weeks is due to the microorganisms used to live in it and that it is fair because this is not an artificial wall to smell.

Don’t worry that scent will go away fast and you’ll enjoy the beauty of your moss walls for many years to come.

Sit back and enjoy the feel of nature coming into your home or office!


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