How do you make a moss wall?

Moss walls are increasingly becoming a very popular option for interior designers to decorate the home or office space. Since it is a very new concept, interior designers are having fun with it and creating many different customized options as per the clients’ requirements. 

Even the clients are finding these green additions to their living rooms and their conference room and lobbies very soothing, exciting and refreshing. Homeowners are taking on the challenge to create their own moss walls. And since these moss walls can be made in any size and dimension, there are no creative limitations to work with them.

So, how do you make a moss wall?

Many wonder how hard it is to create a moss wall. You might even have watched a video or two online about DIY moss walls. The easiest way to make a moss wall is to buy custom size moss panels and then arrange them in the design or shape wanted. That way, you don’t have to bother with finding the raw moss, making sure of its quality, learning how to glue it on panels to not fall, what are the best tools to use and so forth. 

As per your design, Preserved Plants USA can do the work for you. So, there is nothing you need to do except provide us with the dimensions of your desired moss wall and share any raw sketches or ideas so that we can work on your custom design for free. 

Using our default moss selection process, we select the top most part of the raw material and use only good quality moss for your moss wall. We preserve the moss, we carefully select it and our biophilic specialists are inspecting the quality. Moss is then mounted on easy to self-install panels. Depending on the total dimension of the wall, we will custom make those panels for you. Then all you have to do is to take it out of the box and put it on the wall. We provide you with all the instructions on how to do it.

With this process of DIY moss walls, now it is up to you to take creative liberties and design a unique concept that will make your moss wall stand out.

You can also know more about the different types of moss you can use for your moss wall from our previous post “What are the kinds of moss being used to develop a moss wall?” Based on the description, you can choose what kind of moss wall you would like.

Many large scale multinational companies and corporations have used moss wall concept to create their company logo and these large size logos can be seen hanging in their lobby.

That’s just some food for inspiration.

Other than that, if you would like to use our ready-made moss designs, visit our moss frames page and choose from the various options available.

Getting a moss wall for your home or office or large office is a unique idea considering the popularity of this concept still undercover.

You want to be first promoter of this unique concept.

Preserved plants cost 1/ 8th of the cost and maintenance of natural wall art. These moss walls need no maintenance, absolutely no soil, no water and no sunshine and they will stay as they are, green and shining for many, many years to come.

Replace your dead wall hangings with these preserved plants that refresh your environment, fill your space with positive energy and give your people the freshness they deserve.

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