Moss wall art – Create a green home on a budget

Isn’t it wonderful to go out on a nice rainy day, and walk on the fresh grass with bare feet?
The air is cool and the green freshness of nature is so enduring and peaceful. Whenever we go to the park or on a hike, we just come back so refreshed.
This is the power of nature. But nowadays it is becoming extremely difficult to step outside.
Sometimes we are so consumed in work that we forget to take a break and notice nature and sometimes, we want to take a break but there are so many responsibilities that we just can’t step outside.
In that case, how about we bring nature at home or in our office?
This is a new concept in interior designing where you don’t hang nonliving things on the wall but instead, you hang plants on the wall.
The plants are just as fresh as the natural plants but the only difference is that these plants are preserved using a proprietary method so that we as owners of this wall piece, we don’t have to do anything to keep them fresh.
And the best is that without water, without sunlight, without maintenance, without soil, and with no growth, these plants remain as they are for almost a decade!!
You can go touch them when you like. There is no stale smell to it. It does not grow at all. But its freshness is intact, just like a natural plant.
Isn’t this an alternative to a real garden, a real outdoor experience for all those times when we just can’t go outside?
You could be living in a snow region where you don’t get to see greenery for almost 6-8 months and in those months, if you have an alternative to go to, to feel the trees, plants, without having to take care of them, and with them hanging on your walls like a plain wall hanging, isn’t that a unique much-wanted experience?
Even if you don’t live in a snowy region, even if you live in a plateau region, yet, if you are too busy to go to nature, then it makes sense to bring nature to you.
Nature brings with it greenery which is a symbol of life and freshness and positivity and just like that, you add good energy to your home, office, conference surroundings.
Research has indicated that having greenery around is a good sign of a healthy, positive aura and it makes visitors also feel fresh, rejuvenated when they visit you.
These are subtle symptoms but very critical, especially in times of COVID when we are surrounded by so much worry, stress, and negativity.
In these times, these preserved plants come to our rescue and bring a lot of freshness with them. They last for a long time, almost a decade and you never have to worry about them at all.
They are just ready to be hung on the wall and then ready to emit freshness and good health.
If you would like to order some for your living room or conference room, click on the shop link below and see the available options.
You can also order a custom-designed piece as per your design and ideas. Whether a small moss panel or a large area, preserved evergreen moss has a calming effect, regulates the room climate and absorbs sound up to 90%.
Reach out to us now by booking a free call with one of our biophilic specialists or get an Instant Quote HERE>>

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