Preserved greenwalls

Choose from a variety of different density preserved forest moss plant walls. Made of natural preserved flat moss, pole moss buns, preserved ferns and other foliage.

Preserved forest green walls are made of real, low-growing forest moss, which is cleaned, preserved and colored. The addition of wood pieces, plants, ferns, and foliage create an interesting 3D effect and therefore a fascinating highlight for every lobby area, conference room or living room. All plants are natural, not artificial and do not need water or maintenance.

You pay per square feet. We don’t charge you more based on plant density. You can come with your own idea of plant arrangement or our specialists can help you out design your dream wall. Reach out to us know or get an Instant Quote HERE>>

Suitable for commercial and residential areas. 

Where do we recommend it?

Are you starting to catch the forest atmosphere? If your goal is to create a green work environment at work and a unique plant wall, then contact us and you can choose from more than 100 preserved plant types!