Dried moss vs Preserved moss

Is preserved moss dried moss?

Preserved moss walls are in high demand in 2020. Many offices, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers and even residential owners are looking for a low-cost maintenance-free plant and preserved moss has become the #1 go-to solution. Preserved moss walls are perfectly suitable for the business world:

  • they do not need any kind of maintenance and,
  • are not subject to climatic attacks typical of indoor places (lack of light, climate shock due to heat in winter and A/C in the summer) so it is possible to have quality plants throughout the year in a closed setting.

Preserved moss is not the same as dried moss. While dried moss is dehydrated moss, crispy and likely to change its color over a short period of time and eventually disintegrate, preserved moss is real moss that has been treated with a 100% natural solution made of glycerin to preserve its color and aspect for many years.

You can find dried moss anywhere from Amazon to Etsy and maybe your corner Dollar Store, usually sold in bags. But preserved moss is sold by specialized suppliers. Biophilic design specialists carefully collect the moss from European forests during the best moment of their life cycle. After a careful selection, only premium quality moss go through the preservation process. A microclimate is then recreated finding the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light. These conditions are constantly monitored. The moss is placed inside long bathtubs covered by a liquid glycerine base mixture, water and food coloring. During this process that can last for a few days, the sap of the plant evaporates and it’s replaced by this new mixture.

Benefits: Through plant preservation, the moss preserves its aspect, freshness and scent for many years, with no need of soil, water or sunlight. See more about benefits also on this page.

Knowing the difference between dried moss and preserved moss is very important. If you decided to buy preserved moss carefully select a trusted supplier, check and ensure the moss it’s in fact preserved and not dried, if possible inquiry the supplier about their methods of preservation and finally, ask about the lifespan of preserved moss. While the concept of preserved moss is fairly new, there are many individuals or small import companies selling preserved moss brought from China or preserved to keep its aspect for only 1-2 years.

Preserved Plants USA is the leading preserved plants and moss walls supplier in the United States. With our production teams in Europe and the US, we produce more than 30,000 sq ft a year. Our earliest preserved moss wall installation dates back to 2009 and it still looks fresh like new.