Preserved moss

Our preserved moss (Evergreen moss) and reindeer moss walls bring a new modern effect in your office or residence. Easy to self-install, preserved moss panels are made of 100% real moss handpicked and designed by our biophilic design specialists to give you the best look ever at the lowest costs, cheaper than any other living wall system. For this reason, preserved moss walls are currently one of the most popular products of our product line. 

Why choose preserved moss?  Preserved moss walls require zero maintenance, no water, soil or fertilizer. But you can still feel its freshness, touch the soft surface and get the natural look and feel. Simply call it, the freshness of natural plants at the convenience of the artificial. Of course, you can still break it as a normal plant or tear it down. Read about all the benefits of moss walls and how do you make preserved moss HERE

Whether a small moss panel or a large area, preserved evergreen moss has a calming effect, regulates the room climate and absorbs sound up to 90%.

Available in different colors. Easy self-install possible: scroll to the bottom of the page for installation instructions. 

You can come with your own idea of plant arrangement or our specialists can help you out design your dream wall. 

Suitable for commercial and residential areas. Best price on the market! 


How to build a moss wall

Where do we recommend it?

Are you starting to catch the evergreen atmosphere? If your goal is to create a biophilic environment at work and a unique plant wall, then contact us and you can choose from more than 100 preserved plant types!