What Are Preserved Plants?

Preserved plants are 100% natural plants. They are the result of a unique process of plant preservation in which the natural sap is replaced with a special solution, that will preserve their aspect, freshness and scent for many years, with no need of soil, water or sunlight.

Wait are they Natural?

Yes. 100% Ecological & Biodegradable

Mosses and leaves are collected during their best moment of their life cycle, while having their best aspect. After a careful selection, only premium quality plants pass into a stabilization room. A micro climate is then recreated finding the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light. These conditions are constantly monitored. The plants are placed inside long bath tubs covered by a liquid glycerine base mixture, water and food coloring. During this process that can last for a few days, the lymph of the plant evaporates and it is replaced by this new mixture. In the end, the plants are rinsed and hanged to dry for a few days.

What are the benefits?

The freshness of the natural plans and the convenience of the artificial

Preserved moss and plants  are perfectly suitable for the busy world: they do not need any kind of maintenance and are not subject to climatic attacks typical of indoor places (lack of light, climate shock due to heat in winter and A/C in the summer) so it is possible to have quality plants throughout the year in a closed setting. 

Preserved plants do not require any water. This characteristic differentiates preserved plants from the natural plants and living walls that require a complex irrigation system.

Preserved plants do not have any roots. They do not need any soil or plant food and will remain as is for the warranty period. Their growth and volume remains constant and under control.

Preserved plants do not require any maintenance for many years. Unlike artificial plants, preserved plants do not have static electricity, so they do not attract dust.

Preserved plants are not affected by the lack of light and do not require special lighting.  

Unlike artificial plants, preserved plants do not have static electricity, so they do not attract dust. We recommend you however to dust them occasionally, using a simple hairdryer.

Preserved plants are not affected by the air conditioning, heating and other climatic conditions. 

We offer fully preserved natural plant products that combine aesthetics with high-level acoustic and thermal absorbance.

Our Preserved Green Walls are much more efficient than living walls and plants due to their longevity and low energy consumption such as no water irrigation, specific light, soil infestations, trimming and pruning and periodic maintenance. This results in a significantly lower carbon footprint when compared to both fresh-cut and artificial plants.

Plant walls do not need maintenance and their life cycle is close to 10 years.

Our preserved plants contribute to several LEED credits (eg. BD+C, ID+C, O+M). The fiberboards of the green walls are also eligible for (MR 2; MR 4: MR 6; IEQ Credit 4.4). 

Health Benefits

Having indoor preserved plants in the work space or at home has extremely beneficial effects. Studies have shown that having plants in office environments has an influence on decreasing fatigue, colds, flue symptoms and even headaches as sickness rates fell by more than 60% in offices with plans.

Offices with preserved plants and flowers have proven rates of reduced absenteeism, increased workers’ efficiency, productivity and mood.

In hospital, preserved plants presence have shown speedy recoveries. Patients have lower heart rates and blood pressure and require less pain medication.

Plants also increase mood and help with anxiety and stress. 

Instructions and Care

Preserved plants are completely natural. However, to ensure their freshness and best life duration, we recommend the following:

  • Do not expose for a long time to direct sunlight. Since UV light may cause color degradation, sun exposure requires UV Controlled Windows or Window Films
  • Avoid displaying close to heat emitting lights (2 ft) 
  • Do not irrigate, vaporize or clean with water. Avoid spraying and washing with water or any other liquid. 
  • Use them only indoors at normal room temperature 60-85°F
  • Maintain a humidity level not higher than 75% 
  • Hair blower or low speed leaf blower is recommended for dusting every 8-12 months or as needed.