What are the kinds of moss being used to develop a moss wall?

Are you thinking about a customized moss wall solution? Then look no further.

In this blog, we will talk about the different types of moss walls and their subtle differences.

The following are the different types of moss walls:

Reindeer Moss Walls:

Natural plants do not give us much flexibility to play around with them but preserved plants are much easier to customize according to your design style and pattern.

Reindeer moss is about 2-3 inches thick and does not have a flat look. Reindeer moss panels are made of 100% real moss handpicked and assembled together by our biophilic design specialists on panels and are reasonably priced compared to natural plants.

These walls once installed stay the same for many years and do not need any maintenance.

Natural plants have a limitation of maintaining them and also of planting them in pots. Unlike preserved plants and moss walls, they can’t be wall hung and used for decoration without investing into an complex irrigation system. There are some who use natural plants for wall decorations but the maintenance is expensive and the longevity of those plants is less.

Reindeer Moss comes in many different colors from green to purple and even black. The versatility of reindeer moss allows you to install it on almost any surface. Because of its soft, spongy and resilient texture our reindeer moss is installed on a variety of backing options and thus it can be mounted also on square and round surfaces such as columns, ceiling, small spaces. Reindeer moss can also be customized as per your design and you can play along with different colors to create shapes or moss logos.

Forest moss:

Forest moss are made up of natural preserved flat moss, pole moss and foliage.

These moss walls also are zero maintenance, no need to water them, no need for sunlight and no need for any maintenance. They just are hung on the wall once and that’s it. They stay the same for at least a decade.

These are made of completely preserved high-quality moss. Again, compared to natural plants, they are zero maintenance.

While they hang on your walls, they emit cool air and keep the room fresh. There is no stale smell and no soil, no growth of these plants ever happen.

Greenhill moss:

Greenhill moss as the name suggests is a collection of many small moss buns. They give a hill effect to the decor and therefore they are called Greenhill moss. Because they are protruding out of the frame, they also give a 3D effect to the decor.

Greenhill moss walls are most suitable for conference rooms, lobby, office space, and stores. The green effect in the room is a soothing effect that many of our clients absolutely love and adore.

The greenery inside their homes and their offices subconsciously triggers freshness which inturn triggers productivity and enthusiasm among people.

They are all worth giving a shot to your home and office interior decor. You can create the moss wall of your design too. It could be a logo design or it could be a design close to your heart.

The moss wall will stay as it is for years to come.

If you would like to order some for your living room or conference room, click on the shop link below and see the available options.

You can also order a custom-designed piece as per your design and ideas.