What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss is real moss that was carefully handpicked and collected from nature and treated with non-toxic ingredients, mainly consisting of vegetable glycerin and food colorings, to preserve its color and freshness for many years.

Mosses are small plants found in nature, typically growing in dense green clumps, often in damp or shady locations. Although many plants bear the name of moss, not all of them are in fact mosses. The moss found on trees is green alga (Pleurococcus). Beard moss, Iceland moss, oak moss, and reindeer moss are in fact lichens.

Preserved plants, preserved mosses, preserved green walls and preserved trees by Preserved Plants USAthe leading preserved plants company in North America, are perfectly suitable for the business world: they do not need any kind of maintenance and are not subject to climatic attacks typical of indoor places (lack of light, climate shock due to heat in winter and A/C in the summer) so it is possible to have quality plants throughout the year in a closed setting.

The advantages of preserved moss is that it provides the freshness of natural plants at the convenience of the artificial plants. Moreover, the benefits include:

  • no need of irrigation
  • no need of soil
  • no need of light
  • no growth: the volume remains constant and controlled
  • no dust: unlike artificial plants preserved plants do not have static electricity
  • low carbon footprint: preserved green walls are much more efficient than living walls and plants due to their longevity and low energy consumption such as no water irrigation, specific light, soil infestations, trimming and pruning and periodic maintenance.
  • live for many years: Plant walls do not need maintenance and their life cycle is close to 10 years.
  • Qualify for LEED credits
Preserved reindeer moss

Is preserved moss dried moss?

Dried moss is not preserved moss and their use are different. While dried moss can be bought in crumbles or per lbs and used in gardens, preserved moss is usually used for interior decor and comes affixed on a panel or plywood. Dried moss can be rehydrated and brought back to life, preserved moss does not grow back and does not require any water, maintenance or sunlight. For preserved moss an ideal humidity not higher than 70% is ideal to enjoy the natural aspect for many years. For a more detailed comparison, you can read this article.

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